Our Company Heading

One resource to handle all the details of event and promotion planning, that is the premise we were founded on, and from the first phone call until the last guest leaves, that is what we offer.

From holiday parties and golf tournaments to annual sales meetings and corporate retreats, we handle every aspect of planning and executing business events. We specialize in making sure that your important events get the attention they deserve by focusing on your goals and objectives and ensuring that they remain the primary focus throughout the planning process.

Our goal is to bring you peace of mind by paying attention to every detail of your business function. Planning business events can be chaotic. We bring order to that chaos by taking advantage of more than 23 years of combined experience in the business world and an intimate understanding of the details that spell disaster if they’re overlooked.

When it comes to event and promotion planning, success is in the details. Leave that to us and consider it done!