Success Stories Heading

Imagine you’re sitting at your desk doing your daily tasks.  Everything is going well and you are right on track for all the projects you’ve been assigned.  You’re feeling great, in control and loving the idea of getting out of the office in time to swing by the gym on the way home.  And then it happens.  The boss strolls by your desk and asks “got a minute?”  You follow him into his office and he begins discussing the company holiday event and how much he would like it if you would plan it again this year.  Oh no…there goes your balanced workload. 

You quickly flash back to last years’ event.  It was great, but no one really realized how much work was involved.  Sure, they announced your name and everyone clapped in appreciation, but you were out of the room handling an issue with the caterer so you missed it.  You had to research all the venue options, the menu, the caterers, etc. and establish the budget.  It took hours away from your workday for weeks on end.  There was set up, tear down, photos, gifts, seating charts, decorations, entertainment, guest lists, invitations…the list went on and on.  Then, when it was all over there were piles of unaddressed work load still sitting on your desk.  All those weeks of party planning had not allowed for your regular duties to be completed.  How will you ever catch up? 

This year, choose detailz to manage your company function.  We will handle all the detailz, making you look as good if not better than ever.  Many companies have enjoyed the luxury of a corporate event that is executed exactly to the vision and you can too.  Contact detailz and consider it done!